LB-Factory Price Water Slide Cutting Granulating Machine With CE approval

For the waste plastics, the best process method is recycling and granulating. The principle of water slide cutting pelletizing method is plastics extruding through the extruder and cooling by the cold running water. This way is conducive to transporting the plastic strand because the running water provides the moving force. It won't break halfway.

Products Details

Model LBSC-40 LBSC-50 LBSC-60 LBSC-70 LBSC-80 LBSC-90
Screw Model 41/24-80:1 52/24-80:1 62/24-80:1 71/24-80:1 81/24-80:1 93/24-80:1
Throughput(kg) 100 200 350 450 750 1000
Motor Power(kW) 37 75 110 160 250 315



Samples & Application

Line Details

Parallel Twin Screw Extruder Heavy Load Gearbox for reliable running High precise screw part for excellent screw building High quality electrical parts and worldwide famous brand for drive unit Easy Temperature setting and indication Degassing section for tailored processing demandHydraulic Melt filter Mould 304 Steel screens with tailored mesh size Hydraulic plate or cylinder filter body available Bronze heater for high heating efficiencyWater Slid Cooling Carrying with the advantages of strand cutting like low equipment cost and easy maintenance. The water slide strand cutting has its own advantages such as: better strand broken protection and better cooling efficiency. The water slide is for plastic recycling widely applied.Pelletizer Pelletizers are completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Pelletizing blades and die are made of special alloy steels and coatings according to the type of plastic. By mobile parts, maintenance period is minimized. Speed control for pelletizing blades enables changing granule size during operation.Centrifugal dewatering It separates the granules and water. The Granules will through centrifugal drying be transported from the bottom to top of dewatering device. During the lifting the moisture will be effectively reduced.Vibration Sieve Granules’ size controlled by vibration sieve too small or too big granules will be flited out. The only granules, which fit the size requirement will be transported into storage silo by air.Air blowing The vibration sieve is figuring and moving the pellets through constant vibration. If the customers just want to get the pellets no matter shape or size. The air blowing can be adopted after the centrifugal dewatering machine.Storage Silo Final Granules will be stored in silo. Based on demand the on-line monitoring and weighting system will can be applied.

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