LB-PE Large Pipe Extrusion Line

This line is mainly used for producing HDPE pipes with different diameters ranging from 630mm to 1400mm. The feature of HDPE pipe is resistant to high strength. This line offers energy-saving motor and automatic control system. High standard manufacture and details apply for better operation and maintenance.

Products Details

Processing Process

Raw Material—feeder—single screw extruder—mould and calibrator—vacuum forming machine— spraying cooling machine—haul-off machine—cutting unit— stacker. 

Model LB630 LB800 LB1200 LB1400
Pipe Range (mm) 315-630 500-800 630-1200 710-1400
Throughput(kg) 850 1100 1200 1400
Extruders with Platform Gravimetric Dosing System keeps a continues wall thickness during production Clever matching between motor and screw based on production condition for high performance and output High processing torque design for better plasticizing Surface coated screw and barrel for long service time Platform for co-extruders ensures operation safety and convenience



Product detail

Mould  Specially designed of flow channel for superb pipe shaping and reasonable melt pressure. The large spiral distributor ensures the excellent plasticizing effect.Vacuum Calibration & Cooling  Frequency conversion vacuum control system for constant vacuum environment with lowest energy consumption. Backup pumps for each section of vacuum tanks to ensure a reliable production Easy operation and clear display layout Robust concept of components for stable running Spraying Tank  Energy Efficiency pump and enlarged water tank for sufficient cooling effect High quality part, robust structure design ensures a long service timeHaul-off Unit Servo Motor and high-quality reducer for synchronized movement of belt or caterpillar Ten caterpillars haul off for hauling off of different pipe diameter Tailored hauling concept adopted based on production requirement of customers Easy maintenance mechanical concept Cutting Unit  Double cutting concept for different production requirement high accuracy encoder ensures a precise and stable cutting length Hauling-off and cutting combination is optional with the advantage of space saving.Electrical Pipe Holder  The electrical motor for adjustment of the height of holder. robust structure of holder for stable pipe holding for further transportation of pipes 

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