LB-Water Ring Granulating Line

Langbo Machinery manufactures the specific water ring pelletizing line, which combines high efficiency running and stable productivity. Based on our mature technology and close contact with our customer we provide not only validated pelletizing equipment but also comprehensive solution.

Products Details

Video of production line

Water Ring Granulating Process


➢ Screen Changer ➢ Equipment Color

Product detail drawing

Die face cutter waterring pelletizing

Die face pelletizing

Granulating with die face cutting

Hydraulic screen changer pellectizing WR

two stage extrusion water ring pelletizing

Water ring pelletizing chamber

Features of the produced pellets

Water ring granulating system produce rounded but flat pellets with the shape of similarly aspirin tablets. It is because of the specific cutting process. As the polymer exits from the multiple holes, the rotating knives cut the polymer and throw outward into the water ring chamber. The water cools the pellets and transports them to vibration sieve filtration to check the quality of the pellets. Only the pellets with stipulated size can be transported to the centrifugal dryer for drying. According to the character of the polymer, the cooling process could be improved.

What's included?

➢ Extruder ➢ Water Ring Cutting ➢ Vibrating Sieve ➢ Dehydrator ➢ Collection Bag

Extruder →Water Ring Cutting→Vibrating Sieve→Dehydrator→Collection Bag

Water ring granulating line belongs to the concept of hot cut pelletizing method. Polymer exiting extruder passes into an annular die. At the die face, the molten polymer will be cut by flexible blades in air. After cutting, molten pellets are thrown into a ring of falling water. In water the pellets are cooled and transported. The cutting, cooling and transporting condition define different pelletizing methods and dispose unique pelletizing equipment.

Why choose water ring granulating?

In comparison to the underwater granulating line.

Compared with underwater granulating, the pellets are cutting at die face in air.

Advantages of water ring pelletizing are shown as below.

➢ Less potential for die freeze-off

➢ Less complicated control system

➢ Less energy consumption for cutting knife running

In comparison to the strand cutting granulating line

Compared with strand cutting granulating, the pellets cutting occurs at polymer molten state. Advantages of water ring pelletizing are shown as below.

➢ Less floor space required

➢ Cutting blade is cheaper

➢ Less cutting energy

➢ No strand breaking

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